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Induction Sealable Flip-Top Cap
Induction Sealable Flip-Top Cap

Our Flip-Top Induction-Sealable cap is available for use on Sugarhill® containers that are molded without a Ratchet-Style neck finish.  These caps are for use with an Induction-Sealing machine.  Such machines can be purchased as table top models for less than two hundred dollars, or as high speed in-line machines for larger producers.

The induction sealing process electronically bonds a liner to the container after the cap is in place, sealing the contents, and creating the tamper evident feature.  Our Flip-Top cap offers a convenient pour spout, and a hinged Flip-Top feature.  Sugarhill® Flip-Top Induction Sealable caps are available in black, brown, red, and green colors.

Please note that Flip-Top Induction Sealable caps ARE NOT designed for use on our Ratchet-Style neck finish.

Sugarhill® Non-Ratchet style containers are priced and shipped without caps.  Caps are offered separately and must be specified with your order. This is because some producers choose to purchase their own induction sealable caps.  Any standard 38-400 induction sealable cap will fit the Sugarhill® Non-Ratchet neck finish.

  • 38-400LCC Neck Finish
  • Induction Sealable Flip-Top Cap  
  • Induction Sealed Liner     
38-400LCC Neck Finish Induction-Sealing Machine Induction Sealed Liner
38-400LCC Neck Finish
Induction-Sealing Machine
Induction Sealed Liner
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