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Sugarhill® Containers
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Sorghum and Sugar Cane Syrup Containers

Sugarhill® Containers - Features

  • Distinctive trademarked shape that is known for quality
  • Durable plastic that will not rust or dent
  • Tamper-evident caps
  • Two attractive colors to choose from: Almond and Bennington Gray
  • Standard and Metric sizes available
  • Made of FDA approved recyclable material

Our patented Extended Life (XL) Coating

Oxygen permeation has been known to darken maple syrup, causing it to lose grade over time. Our patented technology was designed to add an oxygen barrier coating on the plastic container to significantly reduce oxygen permeation. This process has been tested and proven to extend grade life. It also has the added benefits of print protection and a glossy finish. XL coating continues to grow as a percentage of total Sugarhill® Containers sold.

Sugarhill® Containers Standard Products Custom Molding
The most widely recognized plastic Pure Maple Syrup container in the industry.
Popular HDPE container shapes and sizes all blow-molded in our Turners Falls, MA manufacturing plant.
Full custom container design and tooling services.
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