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Sugarhill® Containers Sizes

SugarhillĀ® Containers
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Sorghum and Sugar Cane Syrup Containers

Sugarhill® Containers

For over thirty years, Sugarhill® has been the plastic container of choice for Pure Maple Syrup producers.

Our proprietary classic shape, full range of sizes, colorful printed labels, top quality, and fast delivery have made us a trusted supplier to both small and large Pure Maple producers.

Sugarhill® is widely available through a network of capable Dealers. See our Dealer List for the name of the Dealer closest to you.

Looking to create your own Distinctive Label? Sugarhill® offers individualized Artistic Design and colorful Label Screening. Give us a call, and we will help you develop a custom label, unique to your business!

Sugarhill® Containers Sizes

Caps & Cap Color

  • 28mm caps (100ml) - Black Only
  • 38mm caps (Gal-8oz) - Black, Brown, Green & Red
  • 38mm flip-top (induction seal) Red, Green, Black, Brown
  • 70mm caps (half lb jar) - Black Only
  • 89mm caps (1 lb jar) Black Only

Sugarhill® Containers Collection

Sugarhill® Containers Standard Products Custom Molding
The most widely recognized plastic Pure Maple Syrup container in the industry.
Popular HDPE container shapes and sizes all blow-molded in our Turners Falls, MA manufacturing plant.
Full custom container design and tooling services.
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