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  Product Neck Finishes Gram Weights (+/-2)
Square 5 Quart Square 5 Quart 38-400ct 160 Grams
Classic 4000mil Classic 4000mil 38-400ct
38SCII Snap Cap
Hoffer Drop Loc 38mm

105-190 Grams
Classic 128oz Classic 128oz 38-400ct
38SC11 Snap Cap
Hoffer Drop Loc 38mm

105-190 Grams
Round 128oz 80014 Round 128oz 80014 38-400ct 120 Grams
Round 128oz 80014 Ribbed 128oz 38-400ct 120 Grams
Square 128oz Square 128oz 38-400ct 108- 130 Grams
Tall Square 128oz Tall Square 128oz 38-400ct 120-140 Grams
Wide Mouth 128oz Wide Mouth 128oz 89-400ct
100-400ct and Snap Top
110-400ct and Snap Top
105-130 Grams
Handleless 128oz Handleless 128oz 38-400ct 140 Grams
Stone 98oz Gripper Stone 98oz Gripper 100-400ct 135 Grams
Round 64oz Round 64oz 38-400 ct
38mm VLJ Plasti-Twist Plus
65 Grams
Ribbed 64oz Ribbed 64oz 38-400ct 75- 87 Grams
Hub Top 48 Ounce Hub Top 48 Ounce 70-400ct 100 Grams
89 MM 36oz 89 MM 36oz 89-400ct 55 Grams
Paramount Cylinder 36oz Paramount Cylinder 36oz 28-410ct 55 Grams
Carafe 32oz Carafe 32oz 28-400ct
28-400ct Angle Neck
28-410ct Angle Neck
51 Grams
Cylinder 32oz Cylinder 32oz


55 Grams
F-Style 32oz F-Style 32oz 38-400ct 65 Grams
Handle 32oz Handle 32oz 28-400ct 55-65 Grams
Ribbed 32oz Ribbed 32oz 33-400ct 55 Grams
Paramount 32oz Paramount 32oz 28-410ct
45-90 Grams
Paramount Dome Top Liter / 32oz Paramount Dome Top Liter / 32oz 28-410ct 45-90 Grams
89mm 32oz 89mm 32oz 89-400ct 50 Grams
Paramount 26oz Paramount 26oz 28-410ct 50 Grams
89mm 23oz 89mm 23oz 89-400ct 40 Grams
89mm 18oz 89mm 18oz 89-400ct 35 Grams
Burch 16oz Burch 16oz 24-410ct
35 Grams
Hillside Cylinder 16oz Hillside Cylinder 16oz 28-410ct 35 Grams
Cabinet 16oz Cabinet 16oz 38-400ct 42 Grams
Carafe 16oz Carafe 16oz 28-400ct 37 Grams
Hillside 16oz Hillside 16oz 33-400ct 39 Grams
53mm 16oz 53mm 16oz 53-410ct 32 Grams
70 MM 16oz 70 MM 16oz 70-400ct 23 Grams
89mm 16oz 89mm 16oz 89-400ct 35 Grams
70mm 14oz 70mm 14oz 70-400ct 32 Grams
53mm 13oz 53mm 13oz 53-410ct 24 Grams
89mm 12oz 89mm 12oz 89-400ct 30 Grams
Burch 12oz Burch 12oz 24-410ct
24 Grams
Gas Line Antifreeze 12oz Gas Line Antifreeze 12oz 24-410ct 28 Grams
70mm 11oz 70mm 11oz 70-400ct 32 Grams
70mm 8oz 70mm 8oz 70-400ct 23 Grams
Cylinder 8oz Cylinder 8oz 24-410ct 24 Grams
53mm 6oz 53mm 6oz 53-410ct 17 Grams
70mm 6oz 70mm 6oz 70-400ct 17 Grams
70mm 5oz 70mm 5oz 70-400ct 17 Grams
Sugarhill® Containers Standard Products Custom Molding
The most widely recognized plastic Pure Maple Syrup container in the industry.
Popular HDPE container shapes and sizes all blow-molded in our Turners Falls, MA manufacturing plant.
Full custom container design and tooling services.
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