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Custom Molding

In House Container Design

Need a custom size, or specially shaped container? We are specialists at helping customers develop containers that meet their unique needs.

Hillside utilizes modern CAD design techniques, and our modular production capabilities make setting up for even small to medium sized production runs very economical. Our tooling is high quality, and we are experts at mold service and repair.

Our engineers have designed and deployed a number of automated processes throughout our facility, resulting in production efficiency, and high quality manufacturing. In fact, much of our automated machinery is actually designed and built in-house!

Custom Parts, Custom Labels! Add colorful labeling to your custom containers via our labeling or Screen Decorating capabilities. We can even deliver your Custom containers via our fleet of tractor trailers. At Hillside Plastics, we are totally committed to customer satisfaction, from concept to delivery!

Hillside Custom Molded Container, Round Bottom

Hillside Custom Cases through CAD Design

Sugarhill® Containers Standard Products Custom Molding
The most widely recognized plastic Pure Maple Syrup container in the industry.
Popular HDPE container shapes and sizes all blow-molded in our Turners Falls, MA manufacturing plant.
Full custom container design and tooling services.
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